Flying With Your Baby: Airlines in Europe

Europe’s Airlines Procedures and Need to Knows With A Baby

When we are going to travel as a family, especially with children, many questions arise and what we really want is to have everything under control. If we choose to take a flight with our little ones, the doubts enter… How do I take the little one and their things? Do they charge for each item? Will my baby be comfortable?

Don’t worry, now you are going to have all this information in one place so you can opt for the one that best suits your needs and those of your family.

One of the things we have to take into account is that companies consider them babies when they are between 8 days and 23 months old, but there can be small variations depending on the company.

What is certain is that the Babyzen YOYO stroller is perfect for traveling because it is approved for the cabin, that is, you do not need to check it in!

niño mirando el avión


With babies there are three options when traveling:

– On the lap with a special belt that will be provided by the crew. The baby cannot check luggage, but the adult can carry his suitcase, a small bag and a 5kg bag with the little one’s things. It is also allowed to carry two of the baby accessories for free:

A fully foldable stroller or baby carrier and another accessory, the car seat or the booster seat for children.

– Travel in their own seat with an Amsafe restraint system:

If the little one is over 1 year old and their weight is between 10 and 20kg, you can choose this alternative. During takeoff and landing, the baby traveling on the lap will be able to sit in its own seat with the Amsafe restraint system provided by RyanAir. So this way your child will be able to bring their own suitcase, small bag and baby bag of maximum 5kg.

– Own seat with 5-point harness:

In this option, the baby has his own seat during the flight, accommodated in a car seat suitable for airplanes (with a 5-point harness). The accompanying adult can carry, in addition to their carry-on bag, the baby bag of maximum 5kg.

And as in the option of traveling with the little one on your lap, the two free articles discussed above are admitted.

You can bring the baby seat, the folding stroller or the free baby carrier, without prior reservation, it must be labeled on the counter at the time of check-in and at the time of boarding it will be placed in the aircraft hold.

RyanAir applies a child baggage fee: € 10 per item (travel carrycot, crib or car safety seat).


When traveling with babies, you have to check-in at the airport so that the assigned seat meets your needs. At the counter you can check in at no extra cost 2 extra pieces that are stroller, cuckoo or crib.

Rates: children under 2 years pay between € 12 and € 35 + taxes (depending on the route) if they do not occupy a seat. In the event that they occupy a seat, it is worth the same as any other ticket, and they cannot carry their own luggage. From 2 years, the adult rate is paid.


Babies up to 2 years old can have their own seat, if the baby is younger on the date of the flight, they must travel in the lap of an accompanying adult. In the case of 2 babies under two years of age and only 1 adult, one of them will have its own seat with a special approved flight seat. They have the same baggage conditions as adult passengers, but they are also allowed to carry a folding stroller, baby carrier or car seat.

From 2 years onwards they have to pay an adult fee for the seat.


Children under 2 years old can travel with an <<Infant>> ticket, which will only be paid 10% of the adult rate and implies that they go on their lap and from these the adult rate will be paid in full. In case of occupying a seat, they will be treated as children between 2 and 11 years old, rate <<Child>> and the corresponding rate must be paid with a discount percentage that will depend on the rate at which they fly. In this case you must go in an approved seat taking into account the safety regulations.

The luggage conditions will be the same as those of an adult, but they may also carry a folding stroller or a car seat. When you travel with your baby you have the possibility of keeping the stroller until you get on the plane or check in with the rest of the luggage. If you take it to the door of the plane it will be able to go in the cabin when the availability of the flight allows it. Otherwise, it will be taken to the hold and delivered to the door of the plane upon departure. On intercontinental flights and for babies up to 8 months and weighing 11kg (maximum), Iberia offers you a specific number of comfort cots.


The infant fee is 10% of the adult fee if the infant does not occupy a seat and travels on an adult’s lap. Babies between 6 and 23 months who want to have their own approved seat must pay a special rate for children (varies depending on the route).

If you are traveling with a baby, you can bring a check-in suitcase for the baby, a folding stroller and a car safety seat. In addition, as hand luggage you are allowed to carry a toiletry bag or bag with all the equipment that the baby may need during the flight. British Airways offers you a reservation service for a travel cot or child safety seat. It is free, but is subject to availability.

And if you do not want to travel with the cart, you can rent it at the destination