Barcelona with kids: Travelling with your baby

Barcelona is a great place to visit with your little one. The locals love children and it’s a beautiful city with so much to see and do. But, how can you maximize your time with your young ones during your visit?


The Plane Ride Over:

In order to enjoy your flight with your child here are some tips to keep in mind. Getting to your gate with all the hussle it is easiest to push a light stroller such as the Babyzen YOYO that can be easily stowed in the overhead compartment or a carrier that you can bring right up to the gate. It is also so important to book flight times that correspond to your baby’s sleep schedule. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid as many layovers as possible. A lot of the trouble for babies is the change in air pressure when the plane ascends and descends, so it is advisable to either book a direct flight or have long layovers to give your baby a break and give you time to get to the next terminal. Lastly, you should consider buying your child an extra seat as it may become uncomfortable to have them on your lap the whole time. If you buy them an extra seat you can bring your own car seat or you can ask your airline if they can provide you with a bassinet. 


Great Places to Stay:

There are so many great places to stay in Barcelona, but we have some recommendations to make your trip even more enjoyable! If you are looking to be within walking distance from many of the baby-friendly tourist destinations and restaurants, find a spot to stay in the Gothic Quarter. However, it is advisable to avoid La Rambla street as it may be too loud at night for your baby. 


Also consider staying in an AirBNB. AirBNBs are very accommodating to your children as it feels as if you are at a home away from home. At most AirBNBs you will have access to a kitchen, a laundry area, and separate bedrooms for you and your baby. Just make sure you have a baby monitor so you can keep an eye out on your little one. Don’t forget the most important sleeping accommodations such as a crib, night light, and your baby’s favorite blanket or toy.


Getting Around With Your Baby:

Barcelona is a great city made for tourists and regular commuters. There are such great options to get from destination to destination through the bus and train systems. If you are looking for more information on this, our blog titled How to Get Around Barcelona Easily With The Family will give you a good overview. 


Depending on the age of your baby you will need different things for them during your travel and visit. Carriers like the Boba X Carrier that strap up front are such a great option for young babies and it will be an easy way to keep them safe and happy since they’re so close to you. Also, it is ideal for taking them to spots such as boqueria springs because places like this are harder to navigate with a stroller. For older ones, we have a perfectly engineered backpack carrier for them to sit in. This carrier will keep you and your child cool because of its built in air conditioning! There is also extra padding for comfort and space in the backpack to store snacks and other essentials. 


It is also such a great idea to have a stroller around. Sometimes carrying those little ones on us can become difficult no matter how great the carrier. Our Bugaboo Cameleon is great for any terrain because of large, sturdy wheels and great suspension. If you have two kids take a look at our wide selection of twin strollers suitable for kids of different ages.