My name is Elisabet Branchat and this is how Babyboo was born:

Marta and Juan live in Amsterdam and have a beautiful 6-month-old baby, Lucas! They often come to Barcelona to see their family and friends. I was wondering, how will they manage to bring everything that Lucas needs with them? And will they have everything they need where they are staying or will they have to lug it all? Like Marta and Juan, there are thousands of families that travel with their babies, either to return home for Christmas, to travel or to discover the world.


This is how Babyboo was born; wanting to make it easier for families to move around with the accessories they need, wherever they go.

In order to carry out the Babyboo project, we have a team with diverse specialities to respond to our clients with the utmost rigour and love.


Our mission is to offer families the ease of having accessories for their baby when and where they want them, for the time they need them. Because what matters is love, everything else is an accessory.


We want to be your companion in the adventure of being parents through the rental of what you need at all times.

About us

We have an extensive network of collaborators who cover the entire country’s territory, providing the support necessary to meet the needs of our customers.

We are way more than a baby accessory rental company.

Babyboo is a project initiated by people for people. We believe that the current consumption model is not viable in the long term. This is planet that we will leave to our children, after all.

Therefore, we encourage the reuse of products that can have much more life than we give them. This model is beneficial for our workers, consumers, society and the environment.

When you rent Babyboo

You say yes to sustainability

We believe in making the most of everything tangible because it is good for the planet.

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You say yes to opportunities

We work together with The Grup Cooperatiu TEB to promote the social inclusion of employees of this cooperative with intellectual disabilities.

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You say yes to a friendly and personalised service

We take care of every detail of our service so that there is always a smile on the other side.

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